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About us

Founded in September 2004 with the intention of importing goods to Iran from Middle East and Europe.

In the beginning Merikh was active in trading all kinds of good to and from Iran, but according to our knowledge, profession and world's fast paces through industrialization , soon we reached to a point that we were sure that our business should concentrate on importing industrial machinery and tools  . We made the right decision back then and concentrated our business on importing industrial machinery and tools. Thanks to the right decision, Merikhtrading became a well-known name in the market.

Merikhtrade puts so much time and effort in building and growing its own sales network in the market. Considering our vast sales network across the country, we play a key role in shipping and trading industrial products in the market. MerikhTrade is also active in selling coffee and introducing high quality coffee's brand to Iran's market. So many brands including Lavabrazilla introduced to the market by Merikhtrade.


  • Merikh helped me alot in importing goods from Ukraine and found the correct place for the products in the market.

    - Mehdi Alavi
  • We were looking for high quality flexible pipes and we were frustrated till we met Arash from Merikh Trading. They saved our project

    - Javad Karami
  • We build a high-Quality and high profitable business together, It is a great feeling working with a dedicated team

    - Luiz Adrian



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